2 Days in Miami, Florida! Day 2


Day 2

We woke up early to catch the sunrise, another great time to see South Beach without crowds of people, and oh, is it beautiful! Who doesn’t love a good sunrise or sunset?!

  *Travel Tip~If you plan on spending the morning/afternoon in South Beach, arriving early gets you a fantastic parking spot! Plus, the charges don’t begin until 9am. 

We parked in the Art Deco District, only steps from the beach, and only a few blocks from a great little local gem where we ate both breakfast and lunch…Las Olas Cafe on 644 6th St. We had the best cafe con leche (sweet Cuban coffee with milk) and some empanadas and cherry pastry! Mmm! So delicious! We ate our breakfast on the ocean and spent a couple of hours soaking in some Miami sun and swimming in the crystal clear waters.

*Travel Tip 2~ For faster service, order at the window at Las Olas Cafe! We’ll know better for next time;-) 

 Once we had enough of the beach (that really didn’t happen, haha, but we did want to explore more of Miami Beach), we went for a stroll down the many streets of South Beach, walked down Ocean Drive admiring 1920’s-1940’s architecture in the Art Deco District , and then found ourselves walking all the way down to Lincoln Road. This street was lively and had a wonderful farmers market display running down the center on this particular Sunday. Lincoln Road is a pedestrian street mall full of many shops, restaurants, etc. There is even a concert hall, New World Center, that offers free outdoor concerts at certain times. (Bring your own blanket and picnic.) Visit the following link for details…Miami Beach SoundScape!  

  *Travel Tip 3~If you get tired of walking, you can rent a Citi Bike by the hour. You can find these rentals located all over Miami Beach:-)

We actually just walked all the way back to our car, picking up lunch and a fresh coconut water along the way. Our two Cubanos (Cuban sandwiches) from Las Olas Cafe were actually enough to be dinner too!

After we ate dinner back at our Miami bungalow, we took a drive exploring the neighborhoods, MidTown and Little Havana. If your a “wanna be photographer” like me, a great spot to get some Miami skyline shots in are just over the bridge towards Miami Beach. Once you go across, just pull over and park. There were other vehicles parked and we saw a few fishermen. Take a walk to the water’s edge, and there you go…happy snapping:-)  

This was a fun-filled 2 days! Next time I hope to explore with my kids and visit the Miami City Zoo and the Viscaya Museum and Gardens!

If you missed reading up on day 1 of our trip, click on the following link…Miami Day 1! What about you? Where do you like to explore when in Miami? 



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  1. What a beautiful sunrise! Looks like you guys got to do a lot during your short stay in Miami. If we ever get to visit, I’d love to try some of that yummy Cuban food you mentioned! I’m sure the fresh coconut water was amazing too! Ah, I need a vacation!

    1. andelec says:

      Thanks, Joscelyn:-) Yes, sunrises, fresh coconut water, and Cuban food were a great combo! Hope you get to plan a getaway soon!!

  2. Beuatiful pictures! I hope I will make it to Miami one day too! 🙂

    1. andelec says:

      Thank you, Nika, for the sweet comment! I’m sure you’ll get to Miami one day:-) Happy Travels!

  3. Jenn says:

    That looks like a fabulous day in Miami–gorgeous photos!

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