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Fayetteville Foodie Guide 

I have called Fayetteville, NC home for the past twelve years. Let’s see, how do I describe Fayetteville…a military town and the first city in America named after Marqius de Lafayette (a French military hero who aided American forces during the American Revolutionary War). Well, on one hand I can say that this city has fed my desire to travel and explore, meaning one might say there isn’t much to do and see. However, on the other hand, Fayetteville has given me a wonderful home to raise a family and some amazing friendships that I will cherish forever! Over the years, I have met many Fayettevillians (born and raised) that seem to find themselves coming back here even after they’ve ventured out into the world. That says a lot about this place having a good sence of belonging that ‘hometown feeling’.

 Besides spending most of my free time wandering down the charming streets of downtown, I spend a lot of time finding off the beaten path places to eat. That’s something Fayetteville has plenty of, restaurants! Exploring the world, one dish at a time. Let’s begin shall we…


First, let’s start by tasting a little bit of Africa. I just recently ate here after hearing amazing things and it didn’t disappoint! Taste of West Africa is located in downtown Fayetteville right on Hay Street. Also, be sure to drop in next door for dessert and for, what I feel, is the best table with a view in all of Fayetteville, The Sweet Palette! Their cup cakes are AmAzing, trust me! They open at noon Tuesday-Saturday. Make sure to tell Patsy, the owner/baker, and her son Adam I said “hello”!


Now off to Italy! While I do enjoy eating at Pierro’s also located downtown (good food, great ambiance), my favorite Italian restaurant in town is Little Italy! We usually go here on special occasions (anniversaries, Valentine’s Day). It takes me back to Italy every time. The owners are from Sicily and we were told that the large Italian photography that adorns the walls were taken by the owners themselves. We also often eat at Sammio’s off Raeford Road (spaghetti combo=yum) and Elizabeth’s off of Skibo Road (pizza and gelato goodness).

Can you tell Italian food is my favorite? Haha!


Next, we’re off to Mexico! My favorite Mexican restaurant in Fayetteville is El Cazador. I checked, el cazador translates to ‘the hunter’. So, if you are hunting (a bit cheesy, I know, haha) for an authentic Mexican restaurant, look no further. My half Mexican cousin says so;-) Their queso is yummy and I usually enjoy their chicken enchiladas, while my husband boasts of their green burrito. You can also enjoy being serenaded by an authentic Mariachi Band on featured nights.

Japanese, German, and Indian

Okay, our next stop is a world cuisine gold mine! Right off of Cliffdale Road, there is a plaza that houses an Indian, a Japanese, a German, and even a Cuban eatery. A foodie’s paradise! I can vouch for all except the Cuban place I haven’t tried yet, but I want to! Last time, I had chicken udon soup and a bit of sushi at Sakura, then popped in the German Bakery next door for a delicious hazelnut/chocolate cookie (nussecken), yumminess! If you like authentic Indian food try Bombay Bistro, it’s delicious! Click on all the links provided for restaurant locations, details, and reviews.

 Getting hungry, yet?

Asian, Greek, and Middle Eastern

Let’s continue our world Fayetteville foodie tour by trying out these next hidden gems. You will find friendly service and the best bowl of Pho, and my favorite, spring rolls in town at the Vietnamese Restaurant off Yadkin Road. Want Chinese take-out? We order at the Hong Kong place off of McPherson Church Rd., yummy and feeds our family of four for less than $15. My favorite place to grab a gyro is Zorba’s…I really love their cucumber sauce. Also, if you love Middle Eastern food, try Sherefe located downtown. I’m still sad that this restaurant once housed my most favorite tea house of all time, McDuff’s Tea House (so many memories…children’s birthdays, anniversary celebrations, and girlfriend dates *sigh*). I’ve only eaten at Sherefe once, but have heard many love it.

American & Caribbean

While I love to explore just about anywhere in the world and have itchy feet syndrome that can’t seem to be tamed, I have definitely enjoyed all that Fayetteville has to offer…especially, my taste buds! I was born and raised in the South, so a southern home cooked meal is always welcomed and appreciated. Butter, anything fried (well, almost anything, ha), and carbs…brings a smile to my heart! In moderation, of course *wink*.  If you also like comfort foods, here are a few of my recommendations. Try Marybills Cafe for breakfast, their eggs Benedict is what’s up, yum! For a delicious brunch on the weekend, try Marquis Market. They also serve Counter Culture coffee roasted in nearby Durham. Open for lunch only, Fay Pie Company is a must try!! Oh my heavens, I just tried their place recently. My family strategically ordered different savory and sweet pies (one savory and one sweet for $12). I was able to sample each delicious one! They are made in house by chef Martha and believe me when I say…I’ll be back for more! I mean, who doesn’t love pie?! Another yummy place to grab a quick bite for lunch is New Deli, they have a great selection of sandwiches and their dessert apples are crazy amazing! I’ll add a photo of the apple menu below so you can see the variety for yourself. Latitude 35 for dinner or drinks. We love this place for it’s intimate (cozy) Caribbean vibe! The Maui Chicken is yummy and most rave for their fish tacos.

Coffee Shops

My favorite local coffee shops are Marquis Market (I mentioned earlier in this post), Rude Awakening (love the adorable courtyard seating in the back and ask for Nikki’s Birthday coffee if you like coconut, honey, and cinnamon, Mmm), and The Coffee Scene (added bonus is their delicious gelato, buy 1 get one on Saturdays). You’ll find me in one of these spots often…chilling with a friend, blogging/editing photos, or just people watching.

 My time here in Fayetteville is now shortly coming to a close. Thank you Fayetteville for giving me some amazing memories…my youngest was born here, beautiful friendships were developed here, my favorite house in the best of neighborhoods was bought here, my love for teaching dance bloomed and matured here, this very blog was inspired by living here! Fayetteville will always be a part of me, and even though it took me quite sometime to say this…I’m glad to have called this place home! After eating at some of the foodie faves mentioned above, I believe we can agree that Fayetteville is delicious!

Now back to you, where do you like to eat in Fayetteville? Any suggestions?


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  1. Ellen says:

    Wow, now I’m hungry! ? I like Circa 1800 downtown!

    1. andelec says:

      Yes, this post had that affect on me too;-) Circa 1800 is wonderful! Maybe I should write a part two?! Thanks for stopping by, Ellen!!

  2. Awesome thank you for visiting us at Fayetteville Pie Company! (723 W Rowan Street, Fayetteville NC)

    1. andelec says:

      Sure thing, Leslie! Hope to be back for seconds soon;-)

  3. Joscelyn says:

    Sakura was always my favorite place in Fayetteville! So many new places have seemed to pop up though in the last few years. I love that you included a wide variety of cultural cuisine in this list. I’ve never tried African food before but it sounds like a cool place! I still remember that time we shared a ginormous caramel apple from Something Sweet…I can’t believe it fed 2 families, haha! So yummy!

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