About TADA

Hello! My name is Andele. 

I am a wife, mother of two, dance instructor, choreographer, and lover of all things travel…oh, and art…I love beautiful art. I have found so much joy in traveling the world! I am always dreaming about new adventures, where they’ll take me and what I’ll learn in the process. I love sharing my travels, with hopes that some of my experience will be useful to some of you. I hope to encourage others to travel and explore more of this beautiful world that we all share!

I’ll never forget the feeling I had when I finally saw the Eiffel Tower – the butterflies I felt in my stomach. Something had happened to me. I was bitten by the travel bug and couldn’t wait to see more of the world. I knew right then that the idea of seeing the world wasn’t just an idea anymore, it could be my reality! Just like CS. Lewis said “You are never to old to set another goal, or to dream a new dream”. 

 I really enjoy traveling with the hopes to find out where the locals go eat, explore, and do life! I feel you can get a better sense of the place your traveling to by experiencing the local life. Although, being a bit touristy is okay sometimes too!  

Why the name?

I am learning that travel can be a lot like a choreographed dance, hence the name of my blog “TADA”. Let me explain the analogy! A lot of time goes into laying out your exact goals for a trip: what to see, where to stay, how you’re going to get there, what to pack – all to try to create the “performance” of a life time! Other trips are more like a freestyle or ad-lib dance – a spontaneous trip on a whim or dropping your schedule to do something that you found that looks more appealing a long the way. Whether successful or disastrous, I’m excited to share all of these special memories that I have made along my journey of experiencing life in other places! Maybe it will just be a documentation of events or maybe, just maybe, some of you will enjoy or even be inspired to see travel in a different way. 

 Thank you for taking the time to learn about my experiences with travel. I hope that you enjoy them even a little bit as much as I have and we can “dance” through some of these experiences together! 


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  1. I love travelling too, Paris is one of my favorite cities. I loved your post. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I think Paris is one of most people’s favorite cities…the food(desserts), culture, architecture!! Well, you know;-) Thanks for the kind words!

      Happy Travels!

  2. HI there
    I am a dance teacher too (ballet)!. Love your name and can relate to it 🙂
    Last time we went to Paris, I saw the Eiffel Tower for the first time at night. I had no idea that it lit up and sparkled at night.
    Happy Travels and keep dancing!

    1. Hi, Sarah! Thank you for the lovely comment! I love to connect with other dance teachers:-) Isn’t the Eiffel Tower at night just magical?!
      Happy Travels to you too!!

  3. My dream is to travel to world! Your blog is awesome and Paris is definitely on the top of my list!

    1. Thank you so much!! Hope you make it to Paris very soon:-)

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