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  • Tour of Italy: Rome


    Rome has so many things to offer travelers…famous historical sites, museums, piazza’s, amazing food, even the steps in Rome are famous! I have found that travel is the best way for me to learn about history and culture and traveling to Rome taught me so much! Oh, how I can’t wait to return…good thing I […]

  • Gondola ride
  • A Taste of Venice! Gondola Style


    We heard mixed reviews on whether or not to be the “ultimate tourist” and take a personal gondola ride. We went back and forth…should we, shouldn’t we? In the end we decided to just enjoy watching others enjoy their ride down the narrow canals of Venice guided by their personal gondolier! We did enjoy plenty […]

  • Boboli gardens
  • Celebrating in Italy! Florence Part 3


    We wondered to ourselves…”What should we do next?” We already had front row seats at the Galleria dell’ Accademia to see the statue of David, climbed many stairs to see panoramic views of the city up the Duomo, roamed through room after room at the Palazzo Vecchio, and saw famous paintings like the birth of […]

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  • Celebrating In Italy! Florence Part 1


    We absolutely loved Florence! Breathtakingly beautiful views crammed full of amazing art in the hometown of the artists themselves. Florence is also known for its leather goods and gold. Plus, you add in the delicious food…what’s not to love, right?! Purchasing Train Tickets in Italy The train ride from Rome to Florence was a breeze. […]

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  • Celebrating in Italy! Rome Part 2


    Day Two in Rome was dedicated to Vatican City and a little quaint neighborhood called Trastevere. Vatican City Since the Vatican is in it’s own city, country even, we had to purchase separate tickets for the museum. Our Roma passes could not be used for this museum. So we bought the tickets online the morning […]

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  • Celebrating in Italy! Rome Part 1


    Celebrating Fifteen years together in Italy was AmAzing! From the flights to the trains, our hotel stays, the food, the shopping…our conversations! Pure joy! We started planning this trip about two years ago. With what started out discussing what seemed to be a dream became our reality this spring! I am so excited to share […]