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  • 3 Days in the Smokies! Part 2


    Laurel Falls and Gatlinburg  The second day we were in Tennessee we hiked to a waterfall, Laurel Falls. This waterfall is located in The Great Smoky National Park. If you like hiking but aren’t cut out for a long treacherous journey, this is the hike for you. A paved path guides you along the way, with […]

  • Holiday
  • 2 Days in Miami, Florida! Day 2


    Day 2 We woke up early to catch the sunrise, another great time to see South Beach without crowds of people, and oh, is it beautiful! Who doesn’t love a good sunrise or sunset?!   *Travel Tip~If you plan on spending the morning/afternoon in South Beach, arriving early gets you a fantastic parking spot! Plus, the […]

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  • The Umstead Hotel and Spa in Cary, North Carolina!


    Hello my fellow wander-lusters! I hope you are all having a wonderful week!   If you are ready for a relaxing, spa-filled place to stay with all the southern charm and hospitality anyone could ask for, you need to book a stay at The Umstead Hotel and Spa for sure! This place was the perfect getaway for celebrating our sixteen year wedding anniversary!    You’ll get the full […]

  • atlanta, ga
  • Surprise party in the city…Atlanta, Georgia!


    What do glass elevators, chocolate sauce, world-renowned choreographers, and fried onion rings have in common? Nothing, but they do all have something to do with my most recent trip to Atlanta, Georgia. It was my nephews twenty-fifth birthday, and his wife planned a surprise party at one of the most prestigious restaurants in all of […]

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  • A Day Away in Southern Pines, NC.


    It was the best kind of trip…the one that you don’t over think or over plan…a trip that you just know will be great, just because of the company you have going with you. My closest friend and I decided that we were in need of a day trip, like now…or yesterday would have been […]

  • Christmas
  • Christmas in New York City


    I’ve always wanted to see NYC at Christmas time…well, if I’m honest I’ve also wanted to see it in the spring and the fall as well! This was our second time visiting. The first time was with my husband in the summer…. we had a blast! While we were there, we couldn’t help but find […]