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  • 3 Days in the Smokies! Part 2


    Laurel Falls and Gatlinburg  The second day we were in Tennessee we hiked to a waterfall, Laurel Falls. This waterfall is located in The Great Smoky National Park. If you like hiking but aren’t cut out for a long treacherous journey, this is the hike for you. A paved path guides you along the way, with […]

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  • 2 Days in Miami, Florida! Day 2


    Day 2 We woke up early to catch the sunrise, another great time to see South Beach without crowds of people, and oh, is it beautiful! Who doesn’t love a good sunrise or sunset?!   *Travel Tip~If you plan on spending the morning/afternoon in South Beach, arriving early gets you a fantastic parking spot! Plus, the […]

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  • Tour of Italy: Rome


    Rome has so many things to offer travelers…famous historical sites, museums, piazza’s, amazing food, even the steps in Rome are famous! I have found that travel is the best way for me to learn about history and culture and traveling to Rome taught me so much! Oh, how I can’t wait to return…good thing I […]

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  • Top 3 Inspiration Destinations!


    Traveling for a yearly vacation or to see relatives can be fun, exciting, memorable, maybe even relaxing?! But! How about traveling for the sole purpose of gaining inspiration. This would be a more purpose-filled journey, if you will. Life can be so hectic, so distracting. It can be hard to find the quiet, to find […]