A Day Away in Austin, Texas!


When your best friend asks you to come visit while her husband is away for a week, you say YES! We hadn’t seen each other in person for over a year. We talk over FaceTime almost everyday, but it’s just not the same. If any of you have seen Gilmore Girls, you’ll understand when I say she’s my Sookie! Funny thing is, she has no idea what I mean because she’s never seen the show, haha! Homemade Eggs Benedict, egg rolls, grilled steak with coconut jasmine rice, cream puffs…I now need to do planks for days, haha! I miss just being able to hop in the car and visit whenever I want. I was so excited to spend quality time with her and her nine children (you heard right, nine kiddos). We had the best time!

Things to do in Austin, Texas

We spent most of our time in Keller but decided to take a day trip to Austin, Texas last minute. We used to spend days away like this all the time, before she left me for Texas. *sad face* I knew we were going to have a blast…because when you’re in good company that’s what happens. So after a quick glance on Pinterest (my go to for travel advice), we made our itenerary and off we went!

Hamilton Pool Preserve

First, we made our way to explore Hamilton Pool Preserve, a magical glorious place! This natural beauty was formed after an underground river collapsed many years ago. The preserve consists of 232 acres that features the most gorgeous jade color pool I have ever seen and a 50 foot waterfall. This place was so incredibly beautiful! Even the trees and paths to and from the pool were like an enchanted forest right out of a fairytale.

Travel Tip: Give yourself ample time to explore and check their website to look for swimming conditions as it is not always open for swimming. Photographers might even prefer going when swimming conditions aren’t favorable to capture it with less of a crowd. There is a $15 parking fee. 

Jacob’s Well

Next, we jumped back in the van and headed for Jacob’s Well which was about 30 minutes away in Wimberley. After you pass the building at the entrance, there are two paths that loop around to this amazing natural spring, so don’t worry about going the wrong way. Once we arrived at the Well, we were a little underwhelmed by the size because the pictures online make it seem like a much bigger area. Don’t get me wrong it still amazes and I even spoke my thoughts out loud “this is SO cool!” haha! Others around agreed. The well’s opening is about 12 feet in diameter and approximately 30 feet deep, then continues downward at an angle through chambers that reach an average of 120 feet in depth. Gazing down this gaping hole is surreal, amazing really! We learned that eight scuba divers lost their lives exploring these chambers. I read later that there are parts where you have to take of your oxygen tank to squeeze through, umm, no thank you please. Jacob’s Well closes for swimming after Labor Day. That might or might not have kept my best friend from experiencing it to the fullest! I was content just filming it and dipping in my toes. I know, I know…you think I should have jumped in too. Adventure looks different for everyone, plus, it was FREAKING cold!!

Travel Tip: I’ve read that swimming season is from Memorial Day to Labor Day (wear your swimsuit just in case *wink*) Parking was free for us, but I’m not sure if there is a fee during swim season.

Downtown Austin

After a day of exploring nature, we drove into downtown Austin …mainly seeking out tacos, hehe! I had a few friends recommend  Torchy’s Tacos and let me just say the fried avocado tacos didn’t disappoint, Mmm! While driving into the city, I saw paddle boarders taking advantage of the lovely October weather in the river right in the middle of downtown! I would have loved to paddle board while looking up at the sky scrapers. Where nature meets city life, so cool! Just another reason to plan a visit to go back.

Have you ever been? Any recommendations?

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  1. Joscelyn says:

    What a beautiful area! I wouldn’t have thought Texas would hold such gems 😉 Will definitely need to check out the Austin area when we get a chance! Glad you got to get some bff time in too…sounds like you guys had a lot of fun!

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