Be Our Guest: A restaurant review and a bit of nostalgia!


Just finished reading a post about the new Disney release of Beauty and the Beast, starring Emma Watson, Dan Stevens (Matthew from Downton Abby), Emma Thompson, and more! So excited for this live action film coming to a theater near you March 2017! I can literally remember the feelings I had as a child when I saw this movie for the first time…it was my Disney favorite! I have no idea how many times I watched it?! Let’s just say enough times to memorize the entire thing, haha! Oh, and don’t even get me started on talking about how many times I would twist my hair to look just like Belle. (Anyone else? I can’t be the only one.) So, when I found that an 11:05 pm slot was available at the Be Our Guest Restaurant, I booked it really quick! It usually takes six months to book in advance.


  1. a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.

First, if you plan on dining here, don’t wait until the last minute like we did. We only had a week’s notice that we were celebrating my daughter’s sixteenth birthday at Disney. The Disney employee at the ticket desk even told us that it was a birthday miracle that we got reservations. Try to reserve your table at least six months in advance, maybe even sooner if you plan on going any time near the release of the new movie. If you get the Disney App, you can make your reservations right from the app (which is awesome, btw). Download it here…My Disney Experience App! Arrive ten to fifteen minutes early if you want a chance to get seated before your reservation time…we did and it worked. Also, one of the Disney employees informed us that they hold your spot up to 15 to 20 minutes if your running late…you can even call to let them know ahead of time.

Okay let’s talk about our experience shall we…

Be Our Guest: The Ambiance

Once we stepped through the large doors of the restaurant, aka Beast’s Castle, we walked through the foyer with anticipation and then we were taken back by the beauty of the nearby ballroom! It was stunning and it really felt like we had stepped into the movie itself. Our waiter, whom I unfortunately can’t remember his name at this time, was very welcoming and helped to make our dining experience a pleasant one. Every twenty minutes or so, Beast himself would take a stroll through the dining rooms to welcome new guests and even took time to meet each and every guest in what looked like the Study, if they would like, before leaving the castle. We sat at a table at the end of the main ballroom by very large majestic windows that showed a lovely (digital) snow scene somewhere in France, I’m assuming, a really nice touch. The table setting was lovely, complete with a red napkin in shape of a rose. Soft, familiar instrumental music played in the background. You could hear a few, including my daughter, singing the lyrics at times. The only detail that could have possibly made the experience better would have been a short performance on the balcony for entertainment, maybe either every hour or half hour? I could literally see them dancing on the balcony now, I mean if Disney is in need of a choreographer and a few good dancers…I know of some *wink, wink*. Seriously though, Disney did such a great job! The ambiance didn’t disappoint.

Be Our Guest: The Food

I had no idea of what to expect as I didn’t do much research before our visit. We were pleasantly surprised at the quality and even the menu selection. My oldest daughter, the birthday girl, and my husband enjoyed their lamb chops imported all the way from Australia. They had no complaints whatsoever. My youngest ordered a steak, it was our Valentine’s treat, so we let them pick whatever they wanted…yep, even the $35 steak. My bank account had its feelings hurt a bit, haha! For the very first time, I ate and enjoyed Ratatouille! It was delicious and also their vegetarian dish. The highlight of our meal was definitely the dessert, which was stratigically placed right by our table. Well played Disney, well played! The triple chocolate dessert complete with raspberry garnish was yum, yum, yummy! Oh, and they even had the “grey stuff” and it was delicious! I would say that our dining experience was very satisfying and would definitely recommend anyone to dine here at least once. You can check out the menu options on the app I linked earlier in this post. Maybe even plan out what you’ll be ordering, to give your bank account a heads up on what to expect, haha. You even have an option to order from a list of adult beverages. Yes, Disney has adult beverages now…yep, now your bank account could have it’s feelings hurt too, haha.

Be Our Guest: Our Birthday Girl’s Highlight

After dessert, we roamed through the West Wing, complete with enchanted rose. Then we took a peek in the Castle Gallery that features a life-size music box with dancing figures of Beauty and the Beast. We also took advantage of the photo op with the charming host himself, Beast! He kept poking the birthday girl and pointing at her birthday pin. My daughter’s sixteenth birthday celebration was complete, and the highlight for me was to see her so happy! I love that even at sixteen, she could appreciate making these beautiful memories with her family. She is so wise to understand the joy and concept of  “being a kid at heart” no matter how many candles are on that cake;-) If you guys are interested in reading another one of my Disney posts, I’ve linked them here…How we almost turned into a pumpkin at Disney’s Magic Kingdom! and Explore your senses at Disney’s Magic Kingdom! That’s all for now, but I’ll leave you with my favorite ‘Beauty and the Beast’ quote from Belle herself…

“I want adventure in a great wide somewhere…I want it more than I can tell!”

Happy travels, friends!