Oh, the Places I’ll Go! 2016


Hello, friends! I hope you had an amazing start to the new year! I’ve hit the ground running…starting choreography for this year’s production, Mary Poppins. For those of you that don’t already know, I am the artistic director at a local studio in North Carolina. Mom by day, dancer by night, and traveler any chance I get in between. I’ve also started packing my house up a bit. Packing?? Yes, packing…not just the kind to go on a trip.

I’M MOVING!! Moving to Miami, Florida! **insert happy dance**

 Yes, my friends, I’m moving! I have lived in North Carolina for just about twelve years now. I have loved all of the relationships made here and will miss all of my friends, family, and dance students dearly! I have enjoyed exploring so much of this beautiful state, however, I’m also excited to live back in my home state (bittersweet)! I’m a Florida girl through and through…I was born in Florida, so that makes me practically a mermaid, right!? But, I have never lived in Miami. I have always wanted to live in a big city, but to also be close to the beach…win, win!!

 Why Miami?

I am so excited to also announce that I will be starting a business with my husband, and guess what? It is travel related. If you guys have kept up with my blog at all, you’ll remember me posting about how I started hosting on Airbnb. Well, we not only met some pretty cool people and made some extra income (that I totally spent on traveling, btw!), we have also been doing some research, training if you will. Which I am happy to report that we have acquired 5 star ratings on each and every guest review so far! After my husband finished his MBA last May, he had the idea of helping people list their homes on platforms like Airbnb and others, then completely managing it for them…from start to finish. See, we love the ‘living like a local’ feel and experience that one receives from companies like Airbnb. However, we also love the quality and comfort expected from a boutique hotel…our company will combine the two. For the past seven months, we have been planning, working on a business plan, designing a website and logo (with a web design team, I don’t recommend doing one yourself unless it’s your day job, haha! We tried, then cried, then got help, lol!). We are also working on a promotional video and the list goes on and on! It’s been exhausting, we almost gave up a couple of times…still might;) **If my husband is reading, just kidding** So, by the end of this May, we will be packing all of our belongings and heading to Miami to embark on this new adventure! I’m a little scared (okay, I’m a lot scared, haha!) but we are doing it!! If you’re interested in following along on our journey, we now have a Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter account… just click on the links provided:-) I’ve been trying to post daily to give everyone a little taste of what our company is about.

 Okay, the title of this post lead you to believe that I was going to list the places that I’ll be traveling to in 2016…so without further delay here is the list of places I intend on visiting in 2016:

-Miami (for obvious reasons, I can’t wait to explore my new city!)

-Germany (to visit my mom’s childhood village, Eeeek!! Excited!)

-New Orleans (never been, always wanted to go)

-California (San Francisco, to be more specific)

It’s not a super long list, and if I’m being completely honest, it might even be a bit much since I am starting a new business and all, lol! I’ve heard it said many times, that if you want to accomplish goals and dreams in your life…write them down, visualize it.

 “Believe you can, and you’re halfway there.” ~T. Roosevelt 

In that case, I’m also writing down…the Grand Canyon, Prague, and Greece!! (What? A girl can dream, right?!)

Now what about you? Where are some of the places you’ll see in 2016?

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  1. Rafael says:

    Wow, that’s awesome! Congrats on your new business venture! We are looking at visiting the Grand Canyon this year, we’ll see what happens. I’m excited for you guys!

    1. andelec says:

      Thanks, Rafael! Oh, I do hope you get out to the Grand Canyon, that sounds amazing!

  2. Cathy Garland says:

    I don’t plan on doing too much traveling with my 16-month-old, but I LOVE California and you will too. I’ll have to live vicariously. San Fran is a fun place – we loved traveling down Hwy 1 to see Big Sur and Carmel By the Sea. Probably one of the prettiest drives in the nation, in my opinion.

  3. Nicki starkey says:

    That’s exciting for you guys. If everything keeps going right we will be moving to Italy!!! From there we hope to travel lots. We are only going to be 37 miles away from venice. If you head that way
    You can always look us up.

    1. andelec says:

      ITALY?! Wow! That’s so amazing…I would be in heaven if I found out that I was going to live in Italy? Yes, travel a lot! You’ll be so close to so many different countries. If we are in Italy, I would definitely love to come visit!! So happy for you?

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