Things to do in the Outer Banks: Hatteras Island


Hello friends! I hope you are all having a great start to the summer season!

I am super excited to share with you guys about a place that I have had the pleasure of exploring for many years…the beautiful Outer Banks, aka OBX! This 200 mile stretch of barrier islands is located just off the coast of North Carolina along with a very small part of coastal Virginia. If you have been to just a part of OBX, you’ll know what I mean when I say it’s definitely worth a visit or two or three!   

things-to-do-in-the-outer-banks-hatteras-beach-shellEvery time I visit, I discover something new! Wild horses roam the beach in Corolla. The very spot that the Wright Brothers took flight is in Kill Devil Hills. The birthplace of Virginia Dare, the first American born of English descent, is on Roanoke Island. You’ll find gorgeous light houses to include the tallest brick light house in the country which is one of North Carolina’s top landmarks on Hatteras Island. I can go on and on. Actually, I am going to do just that…I am going to feature my favorite spots in the Outer Banks with a series of posts in hopes that some of you might benefit just a little from my recent and past travels there. Ocean lovers, adventure seekers, history buffs…whatever your preference, the Outer Banks has something to give anyone that pays a visit.

So let’s get started! First stop, the beautiful Hatteras Island!

Where to stay on Hatteras Island

Hatteras Island is a great place to rent a house for a week or maybe longer. Quite a few rental houses have plenty of room for larger families with views of both the ocean and the sound for magical sunrises and, my all time favorite, sunsets from the balcony! Our rental this year was actually called Sun-Ups and Sun Downs. If you have a much smaller group or are traveling solo you might want to check out their smaller rentals. Also, you might consider renting in late August or early September if you are on a smaller budget but still want to enjoy warmer weather, Surf or Sound Rentals.  Another option would be to check on sites like Airbnb.beach-house-rental-things-to-do-in-the-outer-banks-hatteras-

Where to explore on Hatteras Island

Exploring Hatteras Island is awesome! When you have had enough beach time or lounging by the pool, try driving to one of the nearby lighthouses. Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is gorgeous! Definitely pay the small fee and walk up to the top to get beautiful panoramic views of the island. I loved photographing the inside staircase and picturesque views just outside at the top and base of the lighthouse. Bodie Lighthouse is also worth a visit. This time, we stopped just at sunset, it was magical! Well, except for getting attacked by what seemed to be a colony of horseflies.  We must have looked ridiculous flailing our arms about to shoo them away, haha! The things I do for a photo op, am I the only one?  

Maybe you’ll enjoy renting a paddle board, jet ski, or bicycle, like we did. Might I suggest using Kitty Hawk Kites Rentals. You will find their stores, rentals, and even activity centers all over OBX. We considered using them for hang-gliding lessons, but didn’t have ample time. I did, however, enjoy my bike ride, and thought $15 per day was very reasonable! My husband and I also bought one of their kites on our very first trip to OBX for our kids. It’s still going strong, our best souvenir to date! Another popular activity in Hatteras is kite boarding. I loved watching kite boarders do their thing from all over the island, maybe one day I’ll enjoy it myself?! Hmm…since I surfed down a flight of stairs ,in my last OBX visit, giving myself a coffee shower and a bruise that resembled a galaxy of stars maybe I should just stick to observing! Haha!

Where to eat on Hatteras Island 


We usually utilize the kitchen in our rental to keep on budget, but we always pay a visit to this little ice cream and fudge shop called Ocean Gourmet and Gifts, I couldn’t find a website but here is the address 24753 NC-12, Rodanthe, NC. 27968. Mmm, mm! Also, you might want to check out a little fresh produce stand that we discovered while bike-riding called Mom’s Homegrown Produce for fresh fruits and veggies located just south of the above address on the right. We also enjoyed some delicious frappe’s at a little local café, Forbes Candies and Coffee. 

Now back to you guys! What would you tell others to do in the OBX, or more specifically, on Hatteras Island? 

things-to-do-in-the-outer-banks-hatteras-cape-hatteras-lighthouse   stairs-cape-hatteras-lighthouse things-t0-do-in-the-outer-banks-hatteras-fishing-pier  things-to-do-in-the-outer-banks-hatteras-moms-produce  Hatteras-island-beach-obx-things-to-do-in-OBX   


Coffee-shop-outer-banks-things-to-do  fruit-things-to-do-in-the-outer-banks  surf-shop-hatteras-things-to-do-in-the-outer-banks  hatteras-beach-outer-banks-crab   

Hatteras-rental-obx sunset-outer-banks-perfect-weather  outer-banks-beaches-shadow

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  1. Rafael says:

    What a great place! Thank you for helping me relive some good memories with this post. My wife and I traveled to OBX a few years back with some really good friends of ours.

    1. andelec says:

      You are SO welcome, Rafael! I recall a trip like that as well;-) As a matter of fact, some of the best traveling buddies to date! Can’t wait to go on another trip with them soon!! Thanks for reading:-)

  2. Those sunsets are so gorgeous! I love the outer banks, which I think has some of the most beautiful beaches on the east coast! I enjoyed all of your pretty pictures too, especially the one of the sunset at Bodie Lighthouse. Good job, Miss photographer! It was definitely worth fighting off horseflies for that one! 😉

    1. andelec says:

      Thanks, friend! I love taking photos of pretty things:-) It’s amazing what you can do with your iPhone these days! I completely agree that the outer banks has some of the best beaches on the east coast! However, my all time favorite is still my birthplace, Ft. Walton/Destin, Fl…gulf coast with white sandy beaches and aqua blue waters! I still haven’t found one that I like better, but I’m up for the challenge…lets go find one! 😉

  3. Cathy Garland says:

    Love this! Tell me, did you see homes for rent with lots of queen-sized or larger beds? We have trouble finding enough rooms for my family (which, as you know, is large) of grown adults. We LIKE to each have our own bathroom as well. So far, I’ve only found 1 house on the East Coast that does this (St. George Island). Did you see anything like this? Most of the time, the big houses with multiple rooms are filled with bunk beds or twins. (I’m thinking most people want “more the merrier” and lots of kids involved.)

    1. andelec says:

      Cathy, you should definitely check out the link in my post…we had plenty of space and every couple had either a king or queen bed:-) Your family would love the Outer Banks! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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