Packing Like A Pro! Part 1


When I was asked to write a series of posts about packing like a pro for, I was thrilled! We all would like to pack like globetrotting pros, right?! Well, I wouldn’t say I’ve achieved that status yet, but I do have a few tricks up my sleeve! Whether you enjoy the process of packing or would rather be stabbed with a fork, we all have to endure packing at some point. Here are a few basic tips and advice that might make it a bit more enjoyable: 


Less is definitely more!

I like to use the carry-on only method. I know, I know, you want options! You think if you stuff every one of your favorite outfits in that big suitcase, you will be more fashionable, more prepared. I find the opposite to be true. I have done this before. I brought every outfit and pair of shoes imaginable just ‘in case’ I might need them. I’ve also done the opposite. Planned my outfits, using neutral pieces as a base, then added accessories or that statement piece (dress, blouse, shoes, etc.) to add that pop of color. Let me tell you, my traveling friends, the latter is way better!!! If you need to pack for a longer trip this is still possible. Click on the following link for an example…Packing for Italy!

Do you really want to be ‘that traveler’ the one who is lugging around suitcase after suitcase, all because you want to look ‘good’ at your destination?! Umm, how ‘good’ do you think you’ll look when you’re lugging around all of those suitcases to and fro? Bags falling all over the place, sweating, frustrated…haha! No thank you!

I love this quote by Rick Steve’s, “…you’ll meet two kinds of travelers, those who pack light, and those that wish they had.”

Tip 1: Roll your clothes tightly. This is not only ideal for luggage space; it also makes it easier for you to see what you’ve packed and makes it more accessible.

Tip 2: Bring a small Ziploc bag of dry laundry detergent. You’ll be amazed at what you can do with a sink, laundry soap, and a night to let clothes dry-out! 


Shoes, jewelry, and other accessories!

A statement necklace or scarf can really change the look of an outfit. For the traveling gents, perhaps a hat or a dressier pair of shoes? Just by adding a few, well chosen accessories, you can change an outfit from day to evening! Best part is these items don’t have to take up a lot of space! However, let’s not get carried away with packing too many accessories or pairs of shoes. Challenge yourself to only pack three pairs of shoes; a walking pair, an activity pair, and a dressy pair. Read the following post to get more details as to why…Let’s Talk Shoes and Travel!

Tip 1: Use a shower cap to put each pair of shoes in…I’ve recently done this, and loved it! This protects your clean clothes from the bottoms of your shoes. Also, place socks and smaller items in shoes to gain optimal space.

Tip 2: Try using a jewelry roll bag or an empty iPhone case to store jewelry.

Tip 3: If you are packing hat(s), make a hollow place in the center of your suitcase, then place hat top down and fill hat with softer items to keep its shape. Or, just wear it on traveling days:) I just love hats, don’t you? 


I hope some of these tips might have been helpful to some of you! Make sure to read our next post, Part 2 of Packing Like a Pro! We will be discussing electronics and toiletries. I think I have finally found the perfect solution for packing liquids; no spills and getting use of every last drop!

Now back to you…what are some of your packing tips? 

Happy Travels, everyone! 


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  1. Cathy Garland says:

    Packing for business is often similar to packing for vacation, just more fun (though I do like to pack some pins, scarves, and flashy shoes for business as well). When I buy shoes, I keep the dusters to protect shoes when I travel. But my favorite tip is to SHIP the luggage to the destination before I arrive. This is especially nice for vacation travel at hotels.

    1. andelec says:

      Thank you for your feedback, Cathy! I have never shipped my luggage before, but I have considered shipping some of my purchases back home because I bought too much, haha!

  2. Joscelyn says:

    I really enjoyed reading your tips! The shower cap idea for shoes is a great use of accumulated hotel toiletries collected throughout our travels.. I have a bunch of them, lol:) I also like to pack a laundry bag to keep our dirty clothes in. Those dinky bags in the hotel don’t work well for me!

    1. andelec says:

      So glad you liked the packing tips, Joscelyn! You are right, those hotel laundry bags are the worst, haha!

  3. I never tried to roll my clothes for packing. It sounds interesting and clever as well. I believe that it saves much more space than folding them. Happy to read those tips:)

    1. andelec says:

      Hi Winifred! Thanks for reading!! If you do decide to roll instead of fold, do tell me how you like it:-) I hope it helps…Happy Traveling!!

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