Packing Like A Pro! Part 2


Welcome back, my fellow wander-lusters!

In the last post, we discussed how to plan a wardrobe (why less is more!), shoes, and accessories. Click on the following link if you missed it…Packing Like A Pro Part 1! In this post we are tackling the subjects of packing toiletries and electronics. So, let’s get right to it then, shall we?! 

Toiletries…face wash, moisturizer, hair spray, oh my!

For these items, it’s not really what you bring (we all have our favorites), it’s what you bring them in that counts! I’ve recently read that some travelers are switching to dry or solid toiletries. Other than lotion bars, which I love btw, I still use liquids. I have been sold on these little airport approved bottles and containers called GoToob by Human Gear. Click on the following link for price and details… I love them! Not one spill. The best part is that you can squeeze out every last drop of precious liquid/cream out of them. Oh, happy day!

I also use the Human Gear brand of containers, called GoTubb, for my vitamins, earplugs, etc. They come in different sizes and you can easily open them with one hand.

 Tip 1: If you want more insurance that your containers won’t spill, try adding a piece of masking tape around the lid. This will also work for other travel container brands.

 Tip 2: bring several sizes of Ziploc bags. These are not only great for storing your toiletries; they come in handy for other items; like wet or dirty clothes. 


Electronics, cameras, and other important items!

If you are like most, you have your favorites…phone, computer, tablet, etc. Whichever electronic devices you prefer, make sure to keep them as safe as possible by bringing a case or cover! I’ve been the girl that has dropped her iPhone/iPad on occasion and prayed that ‘my precious’ was okay! Honestly, I still need a proper iPhone/iPad case, and have the cracked iPad face to prove it *sad face*. Thankfully, I have Apple Care *happy face*.

Keep these items in a separate front compartment or bag/tote for easy accessibility; you never know when you might have the urge to take a picture or update that Facebook status. Also, keeping these items separate will help you when you are scrambling to go through that airport security line.

 Tip 1: Bring a portable battery device for your phone, iPad, etc. Why, I just discovered these? I have no idea. They are AWESOME! Here’s the brand I have, but there are plenty to choose from. This one charges my phone up to three times and is a great size for travel. Click on the following link for details…Jackery battery pack!

Tip 2: If traveling out of country, bring an outlet adapter. Also, check for voltage conversions; I burnt out a hairdryer once because I didn’t do this, oops! 


Well, there you have it, folks! I really hope that some of these tips might be helpful for your next trip! Let us know what you think…do you have any other helpful packing tips to share? 

Happy Travels!!

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  1. Joscelyn says:

    I love the portable battery pack! I don’t think I’ve seen those before. I’ve heard a lot about those GoToobs and I like the fact that you can squeeze the last bit out..nothing worse than wasted product, lol! Thanks for sharing these great tips!

    1. andelec says:

      So glad some of these tips were helpful!!! Joscelyn, you have no idea how many times I’ve used my battery pack! I don’t know how I ever survived without one, haha;-) Thanks for reading!

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