The Largest Walk-Through Zoo in the World: North Carolina Zoo


The majestic elephants were roaming and playing with one other, looking as if they had just finished a bath…a mud bath, that is. *winky face* I am always so amazed that these creatures even exist! So massive in size, yet so gentle…graceful, even. 

I love visiting the North Carolina Zoo located in Asheboro! With over 2,000 acres of land, the North Carolina Zoo is named the largest walk-through zoo in the world. (Yes, I googled it…just like you probably will, to see if I’m telling the truth, haha!) Seriously though, I just love how large this zoo is! You really get a sense of what the animals would look like and act like in their very own habitat. I read somewhere that when animals have the space they need to “stretch their legs”, they’re happier and less prone to have behavioral problems. Makes sense to me. One day, I would like to take my family on an African Safari, but for now, the North Carolina Zoo will have to suffice. 


This past month, we visited the zoo with only our youngest. She is an animal lover to the extreme! I’m just waiting for the day for her to request a vegetarian diet. Pigs, for some reason, are her absolute favorite. This zoo does have hogs, so that made our girl even happier to be at the zoo! My favorite zoo animal would have to be the giraffe. They absolutely amaze me! For a small $2 fee, you can even feed the giraffes at the North Carolina Zoo!! I couldn’t believe how close we were to these gorgeous creatures! My daughter even got licked by one! The zoo is always a great way to make some special memories with loved ones. Looking into my daughter’s eyes as they lit up with excitement at the sight of each new animal made this mom’s heart happy! I’ve collected so many wonderful memories with my children at the zoo. Hearing the words “That was the best day ever, can we do it again?!” makes it even sweeter:-)

*fun fact~ Adult giraffes can grow to anywhere between 16-20 feet in total height and their neck weighs approximately 600 pounds! 


There are two main areas of the zoo, the North America region and the Africa region. You may park, enter, and exit at either of the main exhibits. There is also an aviary section that has over 3,000 tropical plants and dozens of exotic birds to explore! The North Carolina Zoo has open-air trams and air-conditioned buses to transport their guests from one side of the zoo to the other. You may decide to bring a packed lunch or you can eat at one of their cafes located throughout the property. We brought our own lunch, but couldn’t resist eating some fries, haha! (Loaded chili, cheese fries…oh my!) At least we got plenty of exercise by walking miles and miles around the zoo. Visit the North Carolina Zoo’s site to plan your very own trip! Just click on the following link to view ticket prices, upcoming events, and more…The North Carolina Zoo!

So, how about you? What’s your favorite zoo animal? 


My Daughter and I named these guys “Winnie” and “Poo” 😉 

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  1. Kim S says:

    I love the elephant picture!! Just gorgeous! The zoo is my favorite place to take my kiddo.., hope one day we can make it out to that one. We live in IL. 🙂

    1. andelec says:

      Thank you, Kim:-) Hope you can visit the NCZoo one day too! You’re right, taking your kiddos to the zoo is the best!! I have not yet visited Illinois, but it’s on my list;-)

  2. Jenn says:

    They have a similar giraffe-feeding station at the Jacksonville Zoo (where I spent the day, unashamedly, for my 36th birthday). I like the monkey exhibits the best, they are my spirit animals 🙂

    1. andelec says:

      Jenn, no shame in spending a day at the zoo as an adult, none at all! I love seeing all the animals too:-) Monkeys are fun and know how to have a good time;-) Thanks for reading and happy belated birthday!!

  3. No way!! I’m moving to NC next month and I’ve been looking for some cool things to do/places to go there. Great pictures! Bears are my favorite. 🙂

    1. andelec says:

      Thanks, Heather! That’s so exciting about your move to NC.! There is some really great things to do and see here…beautiful beaches, mountains, even the largest home in the U.S. is in NC.(the Biltmore Estate) Happy moving and thanks for reading!

  4. That’s a great zoo! We used to go every other year or so. I remember it was quite a hike too..great way to burn off calories from our packed lunches! My favorite exhibit is usually the giraffes or water animals, like penguins or seals, if they have them. My favorite zoo is probably the National Zoo in D.C. since they have pandas! I love pandas 🙂

    1. andelec says:

      Yes, Joscelyn, I totally see you as a panda girl;-) Thanks for reading, friend! That aquarium you went to recently looked pretty cool…loved the jelly fish photos!

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