The Umstead Hotel and Spa in Cary, North Carolina!


Hello my fellow wander-lustersI hope you are all having a wonderful week!


If you are ready for a relaxing, spa-filled place to stay with all the southern charm and hospitality anyone could ask foryou need to book a stay at The Umstead Hotel and Spa for sure! This place was the perfect getaway for celebrating our sixteen year wedding anniversary! 


You’ll get the full treatment when booking your stay at this luxury hotel and spa! We were treated like royalty and no I’m not getting paid to say these things…although, I would like to someday:-). Will work for travel, haha! Seriously though, we had the most relaxing time at our stay at The Umstead this past weekend. Here’s what to expect:



A floral arrangement in the lobby of the Umstead Hotel and Spa.




We stayed in one of their King Premier rooms that overlooked the lake and pool. It was beautiful; a very calming color palate to get you in the spa mood! The gorgeous bath included soaker tub, separate glass-enclosed shower and toilette room, with full luxury toiletries to include loofah (nice touch, btw!). There is a Keurig coffee station that was stocked with hot tea and our personal favoriteCaribou Coffee:-). Complete with dreamy bed linens, mini bar, room service, lounging robes (who doesn’t love their own lounging robe, am I right?!)so you might not ever need to leave your room. Just kidding! You have to leave…there is a SPA!!!! Click on the following link for room info and reservations…The Umstead Accommodations!



the-umstead-hotel-and-spa-in-cary-north-carolina-guest-room-mirror  the-umstead-hotel-and-spa-in-cary-north-carolina-shampoo  the-umstead-hotel-and-spa-in-cary-north-carolina-bathtub

Spa Facilities


Okay, this is really why you’re reading this post…you want to know more about the spa! Who doesn’t like going to the spaeven just saying the word S-P-A gets you in a relaxing and happy mood. Go on, say it….SPAAaaaa! See, you’re already in the mood to relax and unwind, I can tell:-). 


My husband was definitely in the mood for some spa time. I knew this because when I asked him what he wanted to do to celebrate finishing up his master’s degree, in addition to celebrating our anniversary, he said to get a couple’s massage. He pretty much knew he was getting it…he said “couple’s massage”. How could I turn down his request?! Haha! Yes!


When I first researched where to book him, I mean “us”, a massage I knew it had to be somewhere special. That’s why I called the Umstead Spa. All of their couples massage times were already bookedso I booked my husband a 75 min massage, and myself 50 min massage-oh happy day! 


In addition to excellent spa treatments, hotel guests receive access to the spa facilities from 8am-8pm. Here you’ll find separate his and her locker rooms, steam room, sauna, whirlpool, lounge area, and shower stations (complete with full toiletries). They thought of everything, right down to the cold cucumber slices to rest my weary eyes in the ladies lounge area. Their staff was both friendly and accommodating – at one point, one attendant was looking up their Wi-Fi code for me, while another was getting me some sunblock to use outside in their coed current pool. Upstairs, we both enjoyed their larger coed lounge area complete with light snacks, hot tea, and water. Grab a blanket or a magazine and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere for as long as you like; we didn’t feel rushed at all. This room is also the waiting area for spa treatments like massages, facials, etc. We also enjoyed the lovely spring weather wandering around the outdoor meditation courtyard for a bit, and relaxed poolside enjoying the lake view for a couple of hours! Click on the following link for detailed spa info…The Umstead Spa!


*Tip: Book spa treatments in advance, if you can. You may also book treatments at the spa even if you do not plan on being a hotel guest; however, reservations are usually not accepted until Thursday, if you are requesting services for the weekend. I would recommend trying to at least book one night stay. Hotel guests receive complimentary access to spa facilities for both the day of check-in and for the next day after check-out…8am-8pm…this really gives you a feel of a full spa weekend.

the-umstead-hotel-and-spa-in-cary-north-carolina-outdoor-pool  the-umstead-hotel-and-spa-in-cary-north-carolina-spa-lobby  the-umstead-hotel-and-spa-in-cary-north-carolina-locker-room  the-umstead-hotel-and-spa-in-cary-north-carolina-hot-tub  


Restaurant, Lounge and Bar


Herons is the Umstead’s signature restaurant and serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, and brunch on the weekends. We enjoyed their Sunday brunch while listening to their live harpist play beautifully. I would recommend trying the Brioche French Toast with vanilla cream and salted pecans, super yum! My husband had the Crab Cake Benedict of which I had a taste; it was delicious also! 


I read that Heronreceived many awards and accolades to include Five Stars from Forbes Travel Guide and others. I often wonder about these awards and if they would also mean that there might be a “stuffy” atmosphere to go along with the excellent reputation? What we felt from the servers and staff was anything but “stuffy”; we were welcomed and felt warmth and kindness from everyone. We were very pleased with our service and appreciated their eye for detail…on one occasion, I was asked by two different staff members at different times if I would like them to close the door beside me if it was getting too chilly. Southern hospitality at it’s finest! Click on the following link for menu details…Herons Restaurant!


We also enjoyed a couple of drinks in the hotel bar and lounge area; we received great service there as well. The bar and lounge serves guests from 12pm-12am. Click on the following link for menu and detailed wine list…Umstead Hotel Lounge and Bar!


french-toast-herons-the-umstead-hotel-and-spa  Herons-dinning-room-umstead-hotel-and-spa  the-umstead-hotel-and-spa-in-cary-north-carolina-crabcake-eggs-benadict  the-umstead-hotel-and-spa-in-cary-north-carolina-wall-street-journal


Other Amenities


Afternoon tea is served in the lobby lounge Wednesday-Sunday from 2:30-4pm. 

-Complimentary bicycles are available for guests to use. Nature trails are found throughout the property.

-There is also a doggy daycare, DogWoods, for those that would like to bring their furry friends along:-). 



The Umstead Hotel and Spa is definitely a great place to celebrate any special event in your life…an anniversary, birthday, Mother’s Day, any day really! We definitely enjoyed our stay and hope to be enjoying more stays in the near future! Thanks for reading! Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any other questions about The Umstead and our stay. Leave a comment below. Happy Travels, everyone! 

the-umstead-hotel-and-spa-in-cary-north-carolina-flowers-lobby-2  the-umstead-hotel-and-spa-in-cary-north-carolina-lake  the-umstead-hotel-and-spa-in-cary-north-carolina-chocolatte-covered-stawberrys

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  1. Joscelyn says:

    Wow, looks like a nice little relaxing getaway! I really like how you found a little gem of a hotel in the midst of a busy city..who’d have known such a place existed! Your breakfast also looked AH-mazing! I would’ve picked the Brioche French Toast too..great foodie minds think alike, haha! 😉

    1. andelec says:

      Thank you, Joscelyn! I love finding little local gems like this one!! Yes, French toast all the way…it’s like eating dessert for breakfast;-) I still need to make the French toast recipe that’s on your blog. I will, I’m determined:-)

  2. Cathy Garland says:

    I always love a place that serves afternoon tea! I Googled Cary, NC and it’s only three hours away from Roanoke, so I’ll keep this place in mind, thank you.

    Mickey and I enjoyed the Chateau Elan Winery & Resort in GA for one of our big anniversaries – nice spa, great wine, and even better food. Very beautiful.

    1. andelec says:

      Cathy, you would absolutely love this place! So classy and sophisticated…just like you:-). I loved how comfortable they made us feel during our stay! Thanks for reading and for the recommendation, I’ll be checking that place out online!

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