Things to do in Savannah after the sun goes down!


It was on a late Saturday, morning, my family was finished with breakfast but we were all still in our pajamas when an opportunity arose. Life altered in a way to allow my husband and I to dash off on an unplanned, unexpected short overnight trip somewhere close by. I was completely up for the challenge adventure, I had earned a free hotel night and it had been burning a hole in my pocket for quite sometime! So, I quickly made our reservations and was completely ready to walk out the door before 1PM…I am getting pretty good at this kind of thing! We were Savannah bound in no time and if traffic cooperated, we would make it there before sunset!

While driving, I learned that rain was in the forecast (bummer), however, I did also find a promising restaurant that boasted of its nightly jazz musicians (score)! We were happy to arrive before sunset and quickly checked in at our hotel (I had stayed there previously and had learned about their rooftop pool and amazing views of downtown Savannah). We then rushed up to the rooftop to take in the most beautiful Savannah sunset with gorgeous views of the Talmadge Memorial Bridge and Savannah River!

Savannah’s Food and Tastings

Once we came down from the high of our sunset experience, we quickly changed and we were off on “a night on the town!” First, our Savannah shenanigans included a free honey tasting from Savannah Bee CO. You can literally taste all the honey they have to offer, my favorite flavors were the Acacia Honey, the Whipped Honey with Cinnamon, and the simple, yet delicious Savannah Honey. *yum* They also had a wide variety of health and beauty products made with real honey, of course, and even beeswax candles and honey wine. I could really feel Ted’s, the owner and beekeeper’s, passion to share the ‘world of bees’ to all of us while roaming through his beautiful local Savannah establishment! If honey is something you love or are even remotely interested in, I highly recommend visiting Savannah Bee Co. while in Savannah! The store is open 10am-7pm Mon-Sat and 11am-6pm on Sundays.

Did you know that bees must visit approximately 2 million flowers to make 1 pound of honey? 

Next, we stopped in The Spice & Tea Exchange of Savannah. We had a lovely chat with Sandy, the franchise owner, and purchased a small amount of their Black Chocolate Tea and Coconut Sugar after tasting a sample. All the samples were great but we were starting to get hungry, we spotted a noodle place across the street and decided to give it a try. What a find!!! Flying Monkey Noodle Bar is AWESOME! I could probably eat there everyday if I had the chance…I love me some noodles and dumplings, haha! Their signature noodles are made by hand, daily! (I’m using lots of exclamation points because I’m still excited about this place, haha!) I enjoyed the Japanese Ramen Noodles and my husband had the Cantonese Tao Dumpling Soup, delicious! (bowls of happiness) *smiles for days*

Savannah’s Jazz Scene

I can’t speak for other places, as I haven’t been to them yet, but I can say that Jazz’d Tapas Bar was a pleasure! We grabbed a spot in the lounge area, just adjacent to the bar, and ordered a couple of martinis just before 9PM., when the music starts. The service was great and the music was lovely. I don’t remember the singer’s name, but she sang beautifully and I was even more impressed with her ability to play the harp…I had never heard it played quite like that. We had a great time just enjoying life. It’s funny how just that morning I was in my own city, drinking my morning coffee without even with the slightest idea that, that evening I would be sitting in a jazz club, in Savannah, Ga., drinking a couple of martinis with my husband having the best time! Funny how life is sometimes, this was just the kind of life surprise I needed and feel everyone deserves to experience every once in awhile. What if I had said “no” to this opportunity just because it was last minute and not completely thought out? Think about that for a minute…

Exploring Savannah at Night

After we enjoyed drinks and jazz, I decided to take my husband on a personal walking tour of Savannah at night. We wandered down quaint alleyways, window shopped, and even visited a few of the 22 parks located all around downtown Savannah. I’ve read that the parks are the community’s most loved icons of the city, and I can see why! They are both beautiful to explore in the day and at night. My favorite one is Lafayette Square, built in 1873 to honor Marquis de Lafayette, a French aristocrat who aided the Americans during the Revolutionary War. This park has an intimate feel, is anchored by a beautiful center fountain, and has lovely views of my favorite building of Savannah’s historic architecture, the beautiful Cathedral of St. John the Baptist.

 Although it’s not quite my cup of tea, you might also like to try one of the popular Savannah’s Ghost Tours. I have not been on one of these tours and can’t vouch for it, but we saw several groups on their tour, while roaming down street after street, and they seemed to be having good time. If you want to learn more about what Savannah has to offer, you might also like to read my post…Things to do in Savannah, Georgia in one day!

I leave you with a quote by Sally Karioth, “Life is not a dress rehearsal. Every day you should have at least one exquisite moment.” This particular night in Savannah, I had several! Happy traveling, friends, now go have some exquisite moments for yourself!

 How about you? Any suggestions for exploring Savannah at night?


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  1. Thanks for the article. Savannah seems like a place worth the visit.

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      You are so welcome, Fredelinda! Yes, Savannah should be on everyone’s list…such a charming city! Happy Travels:-)

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