Things to do in the Outer Banks: Corolla


This weeks destination is about a place that you are so happy to learn even exists. Located in the northern part of the Outer Banks, Corolla is a destination that brings out your inner-child, in a good way. This magical place is home to over 100 wild horses that roam a 12,000 acre animal sanctuary. Visitors come from all over the globe to find these Spanish Mustangs strolling along the beach in their natural habitat.There are several theories on how these horses found their way to the Outer Banks. My favorite theory is that they came over on Spainish ships and swam to shore after the ships sank during sometime in the 16th century. After seeing these horses for myself, I felt like the world had just given me a gift…and hearing the squeels of excitement from myself *cough*, I mean my children, was priceless. Haha! At one point, two mustangs were standing on their hind legs on the top of a very large sand dune playing with one another. Because of places like Corolla, I find myself wondering if unicorns are real too? 


Where to stay in Corolla

We stayed in a lovely beach house with direct access to the beach. Visit the Corolla Classic Vacations website to see rental options and availability. Just like visiting Hatteras Island and Ocracoke Island, affordable rates, favorable weather, and fewer crowds are usually found during late August and early September. You can sometimes find summer promos going on during June and July; try to book as far in advance as you can. 

Where to explore in Corolla

The most popular attraction in Corolla is finding the wild horses. It took us two tries to find them wandering the shore-line. We were told to try early in the morning and found this to be good advice. You can drive out on the beach in a four-wheel drive vehicle, like we did. If you don’t own a four wheel drive vehicle you can rent one or go on one of the local tours. Just click on one of the following links for details…Kitty Hawk Adventures or  Corolla Jeep Adventures.

Another popular spot is paying a visit to Currituck Beach Light HouseVisitors can walk up the 200 plus original steps to reach the top for the small fee of $10, children ages 7 & under can walk up for free if accompanied by an adult.  

Nature lovers come from all over to see many species of birds and explore the outdoors. Corolla is a beautiful backdrop for kayaking and other water sports both on the ocean and throughout Corolla’s wetlands.   

While staying in Corolla, we took several day trips to Nags Head, Kill Devil Hills, and Roanoke Island to explore other parts of the Outer Banks. I will be featuring these places and sharing with you some of what they have to offer in my next blog post for more things to do in the Outer Banks.

Have you been to Corolla? What did you think, any tips?  






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  1. What a beautiful place! My sister and her husband visited Corolla not too long ago and went off-roading on the beach. They loved that area! I’m sure wild horses roaming freely is a sight to see too! If we ever get to visit again, I’d make a stop here for sure. I appreciate the Outer Banks because it has remained so natural and uncommercialized, unlike most beach destinations. It makes such a quiet, relaxing, and romantic getaway..I could so use that right now! 😉

    1. andelec says:

      I agree about OBX being natural and uncommercialized…definitely a bonus for sure! Hope you can getaway soon!!! Thanks for reading, friend:-)

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