Top 5 Places to Eat in Raleigh, North Carolina!


Hi guys! I just asked some of you on Instagram what you would like me to write about this week, so far, yummy places to eat in Raleigh is the answer! Good choice! It’s pretty much always the first question I get asked…”Where should we eat when we travel to, insert destination here?” Makes sense, we all want to know the best places to eat, especially when traveling, right?! Funny, food was the topic of my last blogpost, haha! Yes, I consider myself a foodie, but I’m the most happy about eating when I don’t have to make it myself. Anybody else with me?? So without further ado, let’s get to eating in Raleigh! After all, that’s probably why you clicked on this post, right?

Places to Eat in Raleigh


First, I’m going to talk about my last visit to Raleigh when I finally tried out Gravy, an AmAzingly yummy Italian restaurant in downtown Raleigh!

Gravy= Homemade Italian Magical Sauce 

Seriously, guys, you might want to use a straw and drink their marinara sauce! So delicious! They make all of their sauces and pastas in house. This is one of those restaurants where you actually want to order the spaghetti and meatballs. I will be back for more. My taste buds are Italian, can’t you tell?! Also you can choose to dine inside or try either of their outdoor dining options, very nice ambience! Ask for Crosby to be your server, and tell her I said “hello”. Oh, and don’t forget to have a coffee after; they serve it French press style and it’s yummy!

 Food, Coffee, and Chocolate…oh my!

The next restaurant on my list is perfect for breakfast, lunch, or even better BRUNCH! Also located downtown Raleigh, Joule is sure to satisfy your taste buds and whisk you away into a coffee wonderland, complete with latte art to please the eyes! (Serving a local favorite, Counter Culture Coffee) If you’re not a coffee drinker, then try one of their yummy teas. I like their chai tea with a little something extra thrown in, if you know what I mean;-) Their eggs Benedict is amazing! I also love eating at Buku, a restaurant that serves global street food that any foodie will enjoy.

The name “bu•ku” comes from an international slang twist on the phrase, “Merci, beaucoup,”  meaning, “Thank you, very much.”

I love their hot pot, a bowl of coconut curry roasted chicken yumminess! Also, I dream about their chocolate soufflé served with almond ice cream, Mmm! The next restaurant on my list is a place I actually haven’t been to yet, but all my friends and family rave about…The Pit Authentic Barbecue! I’m definitely excited to try it out soon. After eating here, I would then head over to the next place on my list (it’s right across the street). We all love to eat chocolate, well I eat it and often (HA!), so I’m also including Videri Chocolate Factory to this list! Touring through a chocolate factory then sampling the goods, yes please! Oh, and while you’re there try their frozen hot chocolate, it’s delicious!


Okay, so I thought I would add a few places that aren’t technically in Raleigh, but they’re close enough and worth a fifteen/twenty minute drive. First, if you love authentic French breads or desserts, you must, I repeat MUST try La Farm in Cary, NC. Oh my, I just recently took the advice of one of my favorite dance students and tried out this little gem. SO, so good!! They also serve Counter Culture Coffee as does Joule (mentioned above).

*side note* You can tour and taste Counter Culture Coffee for yourself for free every Friday morning in Durham. Click on the following link for details… coffee tastings at ten. Fun for free, I love it!

 Lastly, if you’re feeling fancy, you should definitely try Herons, a five star restaurant located at The Umsted Hotel and Spa. I actually ate here while celebrating an anniversary last year. Here is a post about my experience, if you’re interested…The Umstead Hotel and Spa review. If you’re looking for a great place to relax, I highly recommend this spa as well!

Well, there you have it my fellow foodie friends…my top places to eat in Raleigh and even a few in Cary, NC. I’m always looking for new places to try, where would you recommend eating?