Wall Wanderings in Atlanta, Georgia


The BIG peach (aka Atlanta, Georgia) has quite a lot to offer visitors…delicious food, amazing museums, and the art culture is awesome! I’ve visited many times, in fact, I used to call Georgia home. This time, I was on the hunt for walls, walls, walls! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see I was quite successful! Big beautiful walls, fun happy walls, artsy walls everywhere!

After a few of you asked me where to find a few of these, I thought I would share their locations and a few more photos in a post to inspire you to find a few next time you’re in the Atlanta area. Ohhhh, and a few places to eat… because finding walls make me hungry, hehe!

Street Art in Atlanta, Georgia

First stop, a whimsical wall made up of what seemed to be a million or more pastel dots dancing under a downtown bridge; just waiting for you to find its delights! It’s official, my Instagram post in front of, what I’m calling the “Dancing Dots”, is my most liked post to date! I had so much fun finding this wall. I had just finished eating my favorite onion rings in the whole wide world at The Varsity, when I saw online that this wall location was just a bit down the road. It was like little ‘insta-fairies’ were guiding me, haha! You can find this wall on 985 Monroe Dr. NE, Atlanta, GA 30308. (Beltline HENSE Wall)

Tip: Don’t forget to look for the bridge! 

A few days later, after eating the best brunch ever at Flying Biscuit, I found the mother lode of colorful walls located on 10 Krog St. NE. Atlanta, GA. 30307. (wall shown above is by artist Greg Mike, and the wall below is by artist, Ricky Watts) My sister and youngest daughter and I had so much fun posing in front of the vibrant walls here! Finding fun, quirky, beautiful walls are becoming quite a thing for me. (#ihaveathingforwalls #wallswallswalls) Actually, we found this street on accident looking for another wall (we never found, haha). I love how wandering a bit helps you discover places you never knew existed.

Tip: Look a little further down the street to find Krog Street Tunnel. I suggest visiting during the day.

What about you? Where in Atlanta, or anywhere, have you found amazing street art?

A Few Foodie Favorites in Atlanta, Georgia

The Varsity (downtown Atlanta)

Great place for a quick bite to eat! This place is a fast food restaurant. So if you’re looking for healthy, you might want to go elsewhere. My favorite, as mentioned earlier in this post, is the onion rings! I also order the cheeseburger and if I’m feeling like a little something sweet, I get the peach pie. Mmm, mm! Slap yo momma, it’s so good! Just kidding, don’t slap your mom…it’s just a saying we have here in the South.

Flying Biscuit  (Candler Park)

This southern comfort food favorite of mine is the original location of what has now grown into fourteen locations throughout Georgia, North Carolina, and Florida. I became a fan after tasting just one bite of their creamy, melt in your mouth grits along with their made from scratch biscuits! Oh my! (#getinmybelly #nomnom) Also, their chai tea lattes (shown above) are quite tasty.

Fun Fact: Around 5,000 biscuits are made per week for each location; now that’s a lot of dough!

Any places you’d like to add? Where do you love to eat when in Atlanta, Georgia?

*street art and yummy food feels* wall by artist HOXXOH



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